Cuiabá Pantanal Tours

​The Mato Grosso Pantanal is considered the largest flood land in the world, encompassing the southwest of Mato Grosso, western Mato Grosso do Sul, and part of Paraguay and Bolivia. There are over 650 species of birds (herons, stork, spoonbills, punches, saracuras), 80 mammals (capybara, deer, owls, jaguars, monkeys), 260 types of fish (golden, piraputanga, piauçu, bush ) And 50 reptiles (wetland alligator, anavondas), in addition to the great diversity of insects.

As with animal life, the Pantanal has an extensive variety of trees, plants, herbs and other types of vegetation. The flora, with a typical predominance of aquatic plants, has in its constitution species such as buriti, manduvi, carandá, aroeira, ipê, figueira, palmeira and angico .. In this ecosystem it is also possible to observe the characterization intermixed of vegetation of savana, And forests.

​The Pantanal is considered a transition area between the Amazon and the Cerrado(savana)
During rain season (October to April), the level of rivers in the Paraguay basin increases and floods the lands, covering up to two-thirds of the Pantanal area. At that time the observations of larger animals such as the jaguar become more difficult to see them. At the end of the rainy season (between June and September), the waters slowly drying up and return to their natural course. Being the best time to see the jaguars!

Pantanal Jaguar Tour - 5D,4D/3N

Destination: Pantanal / Days: 4 days, 3 nights.

Day / Night 1 - Day use:
Departure from Cuiabá 08h00 min Am, after breakfast, arriving in Poconé (Pantanal Norte - MT) scheduled for 10h00AM.
Activities starts in Poconé, with a safari of 40 km through the transpantaneira until the entrance of the inn Rio Clarinho, then we go another 03 km until we will be received.
The lunch, which is made up of the typical gastronomic Matogrossence, will be served around 12.00 PM.
After the meal, shortly after the rest, we will be on an Ecological walk in the woods, approximately 2 to 3 hours.
After dinner we will make a nocturnal car focus in order to observe avida nocturnal animals like anteater, raccoon, owl, tapirs and alligators with their bright eyes.

Day / Night 2:
The next day, the schedule includes a walk before sunrise to watch the birds in their morning awakening of the Bugios of a 20 m tower.
We will continue, after breakfast we will make a pleasant kayak trip where you can see otters, monkeys, birds, iguanas, anaconda and jacares.
The next activity, which consists of a quiet walk to the cacaloa in order to know the surroundings and still sighting other animals and wild plants.
After lunch we will continue our journey, taking a daytime photo safari to Porto Jofre 110km.
In this lodge the Dinner will be served at around 07:30 p.m.

Day / Night 3:
Our day begins with a reinforced breakfast to start the next venture, which consists of a motor boat tour equipped with a radio transmitter to facilitate the location of the painted Jaguar. This activity lasts an average of 4 hours and it is possible to observe monkeys, iguanas, anacondas, alligators, capybara, birds, otters, otters, buffaloes, besides it is the largest feline in the Americas.
We will retake by 10:30 a.m.
After lunch, we will fish piranha from the port after the piranha fishery new boat trip, with approximate duration of 03 hours return with the sunset. ​

Day / Night 4:
After breakfast, we will start a safari to the Pousada Rio Claro where we will have a typical lunch of the region.
Another lunch option in the Poconé town in the Panturasira churascaria restaurant.
After lunch we will continue our trip to Cuiabá city for 2hrs travel time.

Cuiabá Facilities

Brief Encounter 2 nights

Overland experience 3 nights

Chapada Trekking

8:00 am departure from Cuiabá to Chapada dos Guimarães 65km following the waterfalls trail of the National Park. There are 7km of hiking with varied difficulties. The following points and waterfalls are visited.

Aftermoon visit to the city of Chapada dos Guimarães and enjoy the sunset at the Mirante do Centro Geodésico.

Return to Cuiabá at 5:00 pm.

Snorkeling and water at clean water

Nobres and Bom Jardim

Cidade Nobres is located 150 kl from Cuiaba, in the northern region of the state of Mato Grosso. Departure schedules for the tour 8:00 a.m. The activities tour starts in Rio Triste the adventure begins in a flouting down the river. contemplating aquatic plants several species of fish like Piraputangas, piavas, Curimbas and Dourados king of the rivers. A little walk to see the capuchin monkeys and feed them with bananas. We will also in the late afternoon visit the Lagoon of Araras to observe them arriving to sleep at the end of the afternoon we return to Cuiaba.

Rio Triste
Lagoa das Araras
Cachoeira Serra Azul
Duto do Quebó
Refúgio Azul
Bóia Cross Salobra
Balneário Estivado